cannot send/receive emails with excahnge 2013 after failure to update to CU21

Brian Fielding
Brian Fielding used Ask the Experts™
Last night attempted to update Exchange 2013 to CU21 on 2012 R2 server (VM).  This failed at stopping services.
We cannot send or receive emails.

All exchange services (+others no doubt) where disabled.  I have set them all to automatic and restarted the exchange - we still cannot send or receive.

What do I need to check.

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Make sure that you got all exchange services re-enabled. There are soo many. Look at the documentation, since I can only quote the services for Exchange 2016.


I set all microsoft exchange services to automatic and started them.
I also rebooted server and exchange seems to be running (but no emails sent/received).

I get errors like 5016,  10004
Andy MIT Systems Manager

Try re-installing the CU patch by starting it from an administrator command prompt. Once it's installed email functionality should return to normal.

You could also check the usual - telnet to port 25 on the server, try sending an email through it and see if you get any errors. Check that the databases are mounted, run a test-mailflow from the management shell.
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timgreen7077Exchange Engineer
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I ran into this same issue as a result of the July patches. I attempted to upgrade Exchange 2016 and failed to stop all the services and once i rebooted I found that everything was disabled, so after re-enabling still nothing worked. I had to install the out of band patch from MS to fix the issue with the windows patches in July. Once i installed the out of band patch, the issue was resolved. see the below link for fix for the patches and this may fix you up. you will need to move forward with the install.
Firstly, thanks for your suggestions but unfortunately I could not resolve the issues so decided to contact Microsoft and the following is a summary of their approach:

Following the CU21 update attempt, which failed during “closing of services” all exchange services were disabled.  I reset these to automatic and following a restart, the exchange server was running but we could not send / receive messages.  I now contacted Microsoft and  . . .

They checked the Server ‘component state’:  all were inactive; they ran the following to activate these:

Get-ServerComponentState "Server" | % { Set-ServerComponentState " Server" -Requester Functional -Component $_.Component -State Active }
Get-ServerComponentState " Server" | % { Set-ServerComponentState " Server" -Requester HealthApi -Component $_.Component -State Active }
Get-ServerComponentState " Server" | % { Set-ServerComponentState " Server" -Requester Maintenance -Component $_.Component -State Active }

After which we started receiving emails but outbound emails were still stuck in the queue.  MS recreated the send connector and restarted the MSExch Transport service after which outbound mailflow started working.

CU21 update
Now MS checked the error which caused the CU21 update to fail:
                “ ErrorRecord: Service 'W3Svc' failed to reach status 'Stopped'

MS now checked recently installed updates.  MS have recently identified few KB updates which have caused issue to Exchange operations.

The following updates had been installed on server:
KB 4338824
KB 4339093
MS removed these KB updates & rebooted the server

It was noted that .Net Framework version was 4.7.2
This (KB4054566) was removed and the server rebooted.

Started the setup again but got following error:
Setup can't continue with the upgrade because the mscorsvw (13268) has open files.
Close the process, and then restart Setup.

The following article relates: 

Setup finished successfully & then rebooted the server.

Now checked that Exchange version is reflecting CU21 through registry;  Tested mailflow, all worked fine.

Important Links:

Issue with July Updates for Windows on an Exchange Server: 

How to: Determine which .NET Framework versions are installed:

Exchange Server Supportability Matrix: 

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 web installer for Windows:

mscorsvw error message when trying to run Exchange 2013 setup:


A diificult issue to resolve - especially with recent issues with .Net 4.7.2 and other updates.
Thanks for your help

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