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Available Room Finder in Outlook

Available Room Finder in Outlook

I need answer to some questions regarding Room finder in Outlook
In Outlook when I create new meeting and in the Room Finder Pane When I select a date then a Room, the suggested times some of them have Red arrows on the right and some Blueue arrows, I am not sure what it means, anyone to explain ?
it also shows under suggested times "1 Conflict" , it is showing  on all suggested time... what does that mean..?
If I select a day Saturday or Sunday then select a room from Show a Room List , it does not show anything under Choose available room.. I am not sure why..?

I am trying to pick a room and see if one is available, but it does not seem like an easy task.

Any Help ?

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on your server exchange , you need configure the Room properties , you can choose conflict pourcentage , and all properties you want for this room

it also shows under suggested times "1 Conflict" , it is showing  on all suggested time... what does that mean..?  a other user  have already request a meeting in this room at the day you choose

you cannot choose a day if the day is off (Saturday,Sunday, national off day).

Thanks and Regards,
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- the  "1 Conflict"  shows in every room I select and on each time .. .. it cannot be that the Room is booked all the time...

- Let 's say I am in the environment where we work on Saturdays and Sundays or at least my team works on Saturdays and Sundays, how do I enable the Room scheduling on those days:
The one conflict might actually be you if you have already added the meeting to your calendar, since that time will show busy. But you should be able to see who/what is the conflict as it should be marked red along the left of the room finder pane where it shows attendees and rooms. Which or who is red?

And I would assume the red arrow to the right means the room is busy after your scheduled time.  But I have never seen that. Can you post a screen shot of the arrows? I am not clear where these arrows are showing up.
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even if I select a  date a month or 2 months from now..and select any room at any time, it will show the 1 conflict , if I click on those 2 arrow symbole, it will open the meeting with attendes list and my name is there checked...even though there is no meeting has been set up... and I cannot uncheck  my name
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so regardless of what year and what month and what room and what time you select , there is the "1 conflict , 2 unknown" in the suggested times area
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Thank you..
I will come back to this topic later
Thanks. We will be here. In the mean time, do some web searching on conference room scheduling systems. There are a lot of them.