Cisco/Other Network troubleshooting Guide - all layers

I am looking to prepare a template for cisco networking troubleshooting guide. Can someone help and share their layer1 through layer 7 troubleshooting guide or commands or any templates with details. Thank you.
Nick ITAsked:
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atlas_shudderedSr. Network EngineerCommented:
Nick -

Generally speaking, basic troubleshooting is 1-3 with occassional dips upward.

Basic protocol for "I can't connect to....."

1.  Do you have an IP - ipconfig/ifconfig (as appropriate)
2.  Can you ping your gateway
3.  Can you ping (Global resolver and Lev3)
4.  Can you ping your resource by IP?
5.  Can you ping your resource by name?
6.  Can you trace to your resource?
7.  Can you ping your resource by tcping?

From there we start branching out into the plethora of different paths that can be revealed.

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Soulja53 6F 75 6C 6A 61 Commented:
Some examples commands/comments per layer depending on Cisco device:

Layer 1 :
Sh interface x/x
sh interface status
#check physical cabling/transcievers

Layer 2:
sh mac address-table
sh spanning-tree vlan x
sh int trunk
sh vlan id x
sh vlan brief
sh vlan internal-usage

Layer 3:
sh ip arp
sh ip cef x.x.x.x
sh ip route
sh ip mroute
debug ip packets
sh vrf  x
sh vrf interface
#check routing protocols

Layer 4
telnet x.x.x.x port
sh access-list
#check firewall rules if exists

Layer 5-7
Soulja53 6F 75 6C 6A 61 Commented:
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