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Double-booking a Resource - Outlook 0365

I'm working with O356 E3 and I've created a Resource, which is a conference room.  

My issue is this:

- Bill from Accounting can book this conference room from 11a - 12p.
- Larry from Sales can ALSO book this conference room from 11a - 12p.  

Yes, an auto-email is sent to Larry stating that the room is book, however why would Outlook even allow this appointment to be scheduled knowing that the resource is unavailable?  

I've dug around the web and found articles on double-booking a resource however, I cannot find anything that automatically prevents a appointment from being schedule if the resource the user has selected is unavailable.

Can someone point me in the right direction?  How do I fix this?
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connect to o365 via powershell and run Get-CalendarProcessing against the conference room to view the properties

Get-CalendarProcessing 'emailaddressoftheconferenceroom' | fl   (press Enter)

Check the property "AllowConflicts"  if this is set to True this is why users are booking at the same times.  Let's fix it:

Set-CalendarProcessing 'emailaddressoftheconferenceroom' -AllowConflicts $False -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept
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Thank you for writing me back so quickly.  I don't know how to use PowerShell, however I checked the setting online and Allow Conflicts is unchecked (False)...

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... And I'm getting the "Your request was declined because there are conflicts." email message.

What I was hoped would happen was this.

- Open calendar
- Select date/time I want my meeting... appointment window pops up
- invite attendees
- and my resource (conference room)
- resource automatically know the room is booked for that date/time
- the "send" button is grayed out and cannot be clicked
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