Public Folders in Exchange being depreciated - what are people using instead in O365?

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With Microsoft trying to depreciate Public Folders in Exchange online, when we migrate our current on-premises to O365 - what happens to the current public folders?
Also what are people using instead of Public Folders?
Are people also using Shared Mailboxes on O365 fine?

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Tom CieslikIT Engineer
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I think you can still have Public Folders in O365
All you have to do is create them manually

Create a Public Folder on Exchange Online

and add it to Outlook Web App or a local Outlook

This is probably not the answer you want, but we moved away from public folders completely. We started the process before we moved to Exchange Online and when we moved to it last year we didn't have to worry about it.

Everyone's needs are different, but we moved a lot of the stuff that we had on public folders to sharepoint. We also have a development team that created our own in house intranet page. With those two pieces we never missed public folders.
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Here is Microsoft official statement.

Are public folders going away?

No. Public folders are great for Outlook integration, simple sharing scenarios, and for allowing large audiences to access the same data.


So Public folders are not going away. Keep using it.
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As others have pointed out, PFs are still a available in O365, so if they fit your needs, tou might as well use them. The "newer" alternatives, such as Office 365 Groups or Teams are certainly a better match for some scenarios, but they are not without their limitations either. Do some testing before you commit is the best advice I can give you. If you need more detailed information, we published a free eBook on this topic a while back, look it up on the Quadrotech site (on a mobile so I dont have a direct link readily available)
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Thanks everyone we will continue using public folders and test out the groups.

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