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We want to specify a where condition using instr() in an SQL string.

We want to specify a where condition using instr() in an SQL string.

 strSQL = ""
        strSQL = strSQL & "UPDATE tbl_V0"     'Nom de la table où faire mise a jour
        strSQL = strSQL & " SET V0='" & UncheckboxTblV0 & "'"
        strSQL = strSQL & " WHERE instr(Tbl_V0.WBS,'.',1) >0 " 
    Set cmd = New ADODB.Command
    With cmd
        .ActiveConnection = cn
        .CommandText = strSQL
        .CommandType = adCmdText
        Set rs = .Execute
    End With

We have a table with a checkbox field that we want to modify if another field in the same table contains a period!    Like

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Éric Moreau
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strSQL = strSQL & " WHERE instr(Tbl_V0.WBS,'.',1) >0 "

strSQL = strSQL & " WHERE " & instr(Tbl_V0.WBS,'.',1) & " >0 "
If your BE is SQL server, you do NOT want to use VBA functions in the where clause.  If there is no  T-SQL equivalent to Instr() then that will force Access to bring the entire table local to the PC running the query and apply the where clause there.  So, if your table is large and the query takes too long to run, you should switch to using

strSQL = strSQL & " WHERE(Tbl_V0.WBS Like "*.*" " 

If you need a pass through query, the wild card would be different.  I don't remember what T-SQL uses but it might be % instead of *  but in that case, it would be better to use CharIndx as suggested by Eric, But CharIndex will ONLY work if you use a pass through query since it is not valid in Jet/ACE SQL..
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Peter Groves


that gives me a missing expression error!  

The rest works fine as we run the code fine without this part added!

have you tried CharIndex? Can you show your actual query?
that gives me a missing expression error!  
What is "that".  You need to post the code you are using.

Eric, this is an Access application.  CharIndex will only work if Peter uses a pass through query which MUST use T-SQL syntax which he may not know.
We tried charindex aws per the microsoft site , with no luck.

Its on a colleques computer a will only see him tomorrow!

The code is what you posted Pat,  and the missing expression is because the error code is in french!

Erreur de compliation     Attendu: expression
which  translates to Compilor error    Expected expression.

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Thanks to all !

you're welcome.