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Prevent user from defining Shape Data?

Another day, another question. I'm enjoying this but it is very challenging! I guess thats why this website is here?!

I'm using DOCMD(1312) to get my users to enter data and then have some of this data appear in the shape's text field. Each time they double click they also have the option to "define shape data" but I would really like to prevent the user from doing this.

An option for "protect defined shape data" or "protect user from defining shape data" would be perfect. Any ideas??

Thanks in advance.
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Scott Helmers
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I suspect the only way to do this would be to write code that disables the define shape data menu entries... afraid that I can't help with the specifics of how to do that but I don't know of another way.
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Chris Roth
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Excellent! More proof of the reason why I hang around at Experts Exchange. Yeah, I get to answer a few questions but I also get to be reminded of things I once new, and learn cool, new stuff (and sometimes cool, not-so-new stuff) along the way. Thanks, Chris.
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Excellent, thanks guys! This has done the trick.