Office 2016 download and install from 365 account.

I'm trying to download and install Office 2016 off my 365 account. It basically hangs on "getting things ready" for about 20 minutes then fails. Says check your internet (100mb up and down) and check you have enough space (256gb available). I have tried everything, fixit tool, disable firewall, uninstalled antivirus.. Still no luck, any suggestions...?

OS Windows 10 pro with latest updates...
All previous versions are uninstalled with multiple reboots..
kevin taylorAsked:
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FOXActive Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
I assume you already tried the Office Uninstall tool.  

Download Revo Uninstaller PRO trial version to the computer in question.
ref link:

Run the installer in advanced mode and look for anything with Microsoft Office.  If it finds extra files, registry keys, etc let it remove them.
Is windows update working normally on your system?

If you need a hand getting it installed you could call O365 support.  I'm sure they would screenshare with you to fix it.

Alternatively I'm happy to screenshare and help you scrub it.

I'd nuke the directories associated with it in program files, program files (x86), program data

Scrub registry keys for office.

and then make sure that the trusted installer hasn't been broken in some way if we were still having issues.

Hey!  I have an idea.

It could be that your not getting a good connection to the server.  Try and download the offline installer for it.  That has solved that problem for me in the past. Actually... try that first.

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Jenaraj JenIT Systems EngineerCommented:
I had the same problem, and this tool works wonders

it will take a while to remove everything but it will do the job you require.

kevin taylorAuthor Commented:
I had a MS Support Tech remote in and he laid an egg, just a complete waste of 2 hours. The offline installer wants a license key so with this coming from 365 how does that work? I tried the MS Fix tool and no luck, so going to try revolution uninstaller and see how that goes..
Are you sure you got the O365 Offline installer?  It doesn't need a product key only an active O365 account.  Sounds more like the offline installer for old style office.
honestly I think it is an issue with your network not allowing a good connection to the server.  And it has nothing to do with uninstalling stuff...
kevin taylorAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the feed back but I loaded this on 5 other workstations on the same network, I ran microsofts network connection checker and it was 5 x 5... This is just another broke ass microsoft bug...
kevin taylorAuthor Commented:
I get the same error on the offline installer only difference it pops up immediately.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Could be time for a Wipe and reinstall, backup all data first?  I know probably not the best thing.  But not much else you can do if you have tried all the above.  Perhaps install a new HDD for verification.  You have 5x workstations that work, but not this very one.  So something has changed with this 6th system.  Have to narrow it down to hardware problem or software problem at this point and then start checking things off.  Easiest way is to Split the Difference, so try a new HDD (or wipe the drive) fresh install and if it persists, potentially a hardware problem.
kevin taylorAuthor Commented:
Appreciate ScriptAddict jumping on and helping out.. all of sudden it worked. I had not tried it since ScriptAddict and me worked on it last week and didn't get anywhere. I ran it before leaving on Friday and it downloaded.. What a massive pain in the @ss.. Thanks everyone...
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Great!  Glad you were able to get it to work!
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