Which 2 pins are for the power switch LED for S2600cp server board?

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Exactly which two pins on an Intel S2600cp server board need to be connected to the power switch on the case?

The case I have several Intel S2600cp server boards installed in has a two connector wire connecting the power switch on the front of the case.

I'm trying to figure out which two pins on the server board these connectors need to be plugged into so that I can use the power switch on the front of the case to power the server board on and off.

Which two pins on the server board are for the power switch?

Attached are the manuals and specs guide for the Intel S2600cp server board.

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Pages 91 - this manual - Manual-g26942005_s2600cp_p4000cp_tps.pdf

Pins 11 and 13, if you jumper them (connect them quickly), this will power on the motherboard.


As per the manual, Page 90 on page 91, pins 11 & 13 of the header attach to the power button

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