Background color of a record in a datasheet view form

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I'm not sure if this is possible.  I want to highlight a row in a datasheet view form if the following situation exists.  The form has tblEstimateNotes as its record source.

There are two tables.  One is named tblCustomerAutoNotes and the other one is named tblEstimateNotes.  If any one value of fieldname in a row in tblEstimateNotes MATCHES the value of fieldname in tblCustomerAutoNotes then make the background color of that row a light green.

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if you include both tables, joined by some unknown column then you could use Conditional Formatting, but you would have to apply the condition to each separate control in a form displayed as a datasheet, but this could take a while to evaluate and display.
it is always possible.  The question is .... is it practical.

Sometimes the best way to handle it is to create a pretend form.  using a table, report, or other object that allows what you want easily and mimic's form behavior using code.

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