Lexmark Printer won't email scanned documents

Alfredo Fee
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Hi all, I have a Lexmark XM7263 printer. I recently changed the router it was connected to since the old one is broken. I set up this router and have it cabled to the printer and while the printer can receive print requests off the wifi network, it does not seem to be able to scan documents and email them. Whenever this happens it prints off the following error message: connection failure: -11 Could not resolve the server address. I updated the IP address on the printer but nothing seems to work and I am at wits end, thank you for any help!
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If it can't resolve the server address (I assume the SMTP server) it is probably a DNS issue!

2 choices here:

Solution 1:
If using DHCP, make sure the DNS is being set by the router...
If using a static IP address, make sure you have the DNS server set properly in the printer

Solution 2:
Instead of using the NAME of the server (e.g. smtp.gmail.com) use the IP address (e.g.
Proposed solution works

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