backup wordpress

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linux shared hosting

how can I back up wordpress
while logged onto wordpress.  
is there a folder and database

I want to do this without cpanel
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There are  a heap of addins that can do what you want. I use WPclone, which seem pretty straightforward, free,  and works for me.

Here is a review of 5 other solutions:
Like Mal said, there are plenty of plugins for backup or migration of WordPress that can do this for you from within the Dashboard and with no need of manual backup.

They also allow you to download the file / archive that you can then use to deploy your website to a new server and or domain.

Use the links Mal suggested as reference, there are many good options.
Terry WoodsIT Guru
Most Valuable Expert 2011
If you want free monthly incremental remote backups (amongst other features), then ManageWP is a great tool that can do that; it consists of a WordPress plugin which links to their website. You can get daily backups for US$2/month if you need them to be made more frequently.

If you choose to do it manually, to be safe you should keep backups remotely and ensure you have enough of a history of them to ensure you can refer to an old copy if you don't discover a problem immediately. Watch out for bandwidth issues if you transmit a full backup remotely without using an incremental backup system.

I manage a lot of WordPress sites, and this is the best tool I've found so far.
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Alicia St RoseOwner & Principle Developer/Designer
My favorite is Updraft! You can save backup practically anywhere: Dropbox, Google Drive, etc...
Éric MoreauSenior .Net Consultant
Top Expert 2016
we use BackupBuddy to backup our WP site:
Fractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018
Shared hosting tends to have problems making backups, because of things like resource caps.


1) Take Eric's suggestion + use Backup Buddy, as this code attempts to run in short bursts to work around low PHP max execution times.

2) Remove all cruft out of your WordPress DocumentRoot/top directory. Where cruft means any non-WordPress files.

3) Anytime you switch between backup plugins, remove all backup files associated with the old plugin.

4) Never to nested WordPress installs, where you have something like /articles or /whatever as another WordPress install.

This causes mass confusion when doing restores. Tends to break backups, by increasing top site file count + backup file size.

Many times people somehow think all these folder installs somehow arrange to backup the related database. Usually not.

Put separate installs on host records like rather than to avoid nested installs.


Thanks for wordpress backup information

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