Authenticating Windows to openLDAP server

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Dear Experts,

I have a network that will not upgrade their Windows 10 home edition desktops to pro.

I will like to see how an open source solution like OpenLDAP, for example, will work as a solution to add these desktops to a domain. That way they can enjoy network domain policies.

So the idea will be something like OpenLDAP for windows 10 home desktops...  

They have a NAS server for file sharing, Outlook office 365 for email, Printers installed manually. etc.

Any ideas appreciated.
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the same limit that prevents a home version from joining a domain prevents it from being centrally managed by an openldap alternative.

you would need to build a service on each home system that will inerface with openldap and build local user accounts based on that ....

upgradng to pro and then ....
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Thank you! That helps to know

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