How can you Edit/Commit multiple files in Github Enterprise to make one pull request?

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How can I edit two or three files in Github Enterprise and put them all into one pull request?
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If all of the files are in the same repository then your branch commit will include all of the changes to those files until your pull request is merged.

So for example, if you create a new branch, change a file and make a pull request.  Any further commits you make to that branch will be added to the existing pull request.

Basically the same answer as @it_saige's one, just rephrasing a little:

If you work on the same repository:
- create a new branch. branch it off the branch to which you want the pull request to be performed to.
- Perform all you changes on your new branch. The changes can be on one or in several commits.
- create a pull request from your branch to the target branch

If you work in a fork of the target repository, then:
- create a new branch or just continue continue committing on the same branch as the one you want to merge to
- perform and commit your changes
- create the pull request to the chosen branch of your target repository
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