Silverlight Application Work With IP Address But Not Work With Host Name.

Naitik Gamit
Naitik Gamit used Ask the Experts™
error logSuddenly my Silverlight application not accessing using host name. it works well with ip address. all setting are up to date and also ping are show for server name. please find attached screen shot. clientaccesspolicy.xml and cross-domain.xml are also added but it not work with computer name.

In some pc this work with pc name also.

Please suggest any solution.
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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

No way to even guess without knowing your actual domain or host name.

Likely this has to do with your SSL config (okay I did guess) + to know for sure, publish your domain or host, so people can test + provide an actual fix.
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My Crossdomai.xml and Clientaccesspolicy.xml files are not in root folder. I placed in root folder and problem solved !

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