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Dario Vercelli
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I have to migrate the FS GPFS (3.4) on AIX server on new NSD disks, under the current configuration.
Which replication procedure is best to use?

[root@crmcas01]/tmp# mmlsconfig
Configuration data for cluster TEST:
myNodeConfigNumber 1
clusterName TEST
clusterId 13882357993337224079
autoload yes
dmapiFileHandleSize 32
tiebreakerDisks tiebreaker01
worker1Threads 500
traceRecycle global
tracedevBufferSize 1048576
traceFileSize 300000000
trace all 4 tm 2 thread 1 mutex 1 vnode 5 ksvfs 2 klockl 2 io 3 pgalloc 1 mb 1 lock 2 fsck 3
pagepool 8G
nfsPrefetchStrategy 1
maxMBpS 2048
maxStatCache 256000
maxFilesToCache 64000
adminMode allToAll

File systems in cluster TEST:
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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

AIX is a bear to work with.

AIX + GPFS... shudder...

If I were asked to do this, I'd setup GPFS on the target/new machine.

Then just rsync data from old machine to new machine.

This approach will take a bit longer + you'll have your rsync running in a few minutes + 100% guaranteed you data migration will work, with no additional time spent mucking about with obscure disk setups + tools.

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