unexpected code change in aspx file when modified in test environment

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I needed to add some static text to an IIS  webpage.
I copied the production solution to a development environment.
I added the text to the appropriate .aspx file and it displays as expected in the test environment.
I used https://www.diffchecker.com/diff to check the original file and the amended file for differences.
The new text displayed as expected.
However there is one other difference which I did not introduce.
The original file has the following
<asp:FormView ID="FV_Leave" runat="server" DataSourceID="DS_LeaveDetail" DataKeyNames="ID" BorderStyle="None" style="width: 100%">

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This has been replaced by
<asp:FormView ID="FV_Leave" runat="server" DataSourceID="DS_LeaveDetail" DataKeyNames="ID" BorderStyle="None" Height="267px" Width="1028px">

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I have little understanding of aspx/html and am wondering how this could have happened and what possible effect this will have in production environment.
I tried commenting out the “new line” and replace it with the original in the test environment but I then get multiple validation errors.
Any guidance appreciated.
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Hi Blossompark,

This should not have happened. And again replacing it with the old line also should not give you any errors. The side effect of this is your FormView has hardcoded width which will not look good if any one of your client does not use 1028 width resolution. Would you please share what validation errors you are getting. I think you can safely apply style="width: 100%" without any errors.



Hi Chinmay,
thank you....those validation errors disappeared when I inputted the code again, perhaps I had initially some syntax error

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