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Lesmany Nunez
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I just got the idea to prevent ramsomware to create a Ubuntu server create shared folders and have the office computers mapped to it, they office consists in 4 people running windows 7, the idea is to have them use that as their shared folders and for backups, would this help with ransomware if the documents are stored in a linux machine and not windows.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

No.  If the documents are stored in a shared folder, then the ransomware has access to that folder exactly the same as any software does.  And it'll encrypt those folders too.  It does not matter where the folder is located.

The only defense against ransomware is airgapped daily full backups -- "airgapped" being media that is connected to the computer only when a backup is being done and then immediately disconnected.
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Not in the slightest.

The documents are accessible to an infected Windows machine, they get encrypted by the infected Windows machine.  Just make sure you have backups.  And OFFLINE backups.  And TRAIN your users not to open suspicious email... and what suspicious email is.  And use edge security (web filtering/virus scanning) from your router.  And use virus scanning on your PCs.  And be SMART about security.  It's a small office, GREAT!  That doesn't necessarily mean EVERYONE needs access to EVERYTHING.  It's not about trust, it's about people accessing ONLY the stuff THEY need access to so if there is a problem, only a subset of the files are affected, not ALL files.


Thank you guys. this explains a lot. I was just wondering if it was at all possible

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