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how to tranfer adobe acrobat activation to a new computer

I have purchased adobe pro acrobat 2 years ago and now I have a new laptop.  How do you transfer the registration or activation code to the new computer?
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I logged in to and I see the license code under plans.  Where is the link for the download of the software?
Go to , Downloads, and you can download from there. Then install and activate.

Also, you got an Email from Adobe Licensing a while back. The download link is there.

If you use the first method, make sure you get the correct product for you licensing.
Do I download the free trial and then enter activation number?
This was not a subscription for adobe pro.  I purchased a copy.
Go to Licensing and recover your license. I purchased my copy as well not subscription.

You also have a receipt in your email
Here is the Adobe Account screen. If you have lost all, go there and ask support for your license and download link.

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I'm on this page and all it does when I click on "adobe desktop applications download desktop apps" is bring me to a place to buy or download a trial.  Can I download the trial and then activate?
Chat doesnt work when asking about downloading and install.  When I try the download for trial I have to put in a credit card number.  This can't be how it's done.
If you have a license key for it, then yes the trial download will activate . My unactivsted download is just a trial
Do I still have to sign up with a credit card to get the trial?
Saw your second post. You will have to contact Adobe Support by phone if chat does not work (or by email)
No credit card needed if you are licensed but you need Adobe Support to help with the license
Why isn't there a button that says download products you have purchased?  Am I missing something.
You seem to have lost your licensing emails, so you really need to get in contact with Adobe and see if they can help you
I think they do not recognize you for some reason.
Adobe Support USA 1 (800) 833-6687

I suggest you call them because I think you have lost your licensing and will have to re-purchase unless you call them and can identify your self.
Did you manage to contact Adobe? And what happened?