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How to schedule Windows Server 2008 to restart automatically once a week?

I have a client with a DELL server running Windows Server 2008 R2.
We are managing it via ConnectWise Automate v12
I want to schedule the computer to restart every Sunday at 1AM.
How is it best to do this? Via a Scheduled Task on the server or via CWA?
And which ever is best, how do I configure it to do so?
Thanks in advance.
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I think is good to add -F on the end   (FORCE)

SOmetimes some OS shutdown require to use / switch instead of -

You must check,,, just type shutdown in your CMD window and check what switch your server command accepting

if is /

use:   shutdown /r /t 60 /f

if is -

use: shutdown -r -t 60 -f

Save in BAT file and create schedule task.
/f is unnecessary when /t is provided with a value greater than 0.  If you run shutdown /? and look at the info for /t:

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Thanks guys! Created the batch file, saved it and scheduled it on the server.
BTW Tom, my server used the / and not the - as you had mentioned.
Have a great weekend!!
Never seen shutdown have a problem with - as an option.