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Using ChromaCam (or other) on Mac to replace a green screen with a static image?

Using ChromaCam (or other) on my Mac to replace a green screen with a static image?

I need to replace the green screen for live streaming with a Logitech C922 on a Macbook.

Does ChromaCam support this? I see other names, like Syphon, CamTwist, VirtualEyez, Veescope, Wirecast, MimoLive (formerly BoinxTV) or Visual Communicator. (ChromaCam is based on Personify, which I think is Windows only.)

I need to run this on my Mac, since Windows runs of parallels, and I see a huge time delay on the webcam that make it unacceptable.

Please let me know.

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from the video's that I've seen ChromaCam has the least amount of artificing (you do have to remain relatively stationary though -- not normally a problem)
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I will check out ScreenFlow, thanks.
@newbieweb your link is dead - Question Deleted
Yes, I changed my plans and decided to use YouTube to stream the video. So, my questions were no longer an issue.