Windows 10 Password reset?

I'm looking for a password resetting tool for Windows 10, if there's a good one available (No, user didn't set up one from Windows!).
Tried the one shown in the attached paics, but am getting an error.
I have used this with XP & Win 7 in the past, with no problems & it says it is Win 10 compatible...
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Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorCommented:
The tool that I use is found in theMicrosoft Desktop Optimization Pack.  Specifically, you want the Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset 10.

Unfortunately, it's only available for Volume Licensing subscribers (or maybe Action Pack?).

If you don't have access to that, there are some other utilities out there.  The only free one I've ever heard people say nice things about is Windows Password Ultimate Recovery, but, use it at your own risk... as far as I know, it could be ransomware or worse.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Is it a Microsoft ID?  If so log into Microsoft and use Forgot Password.

If local ID, try Pogo Stick
Robert RComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
John pogostick is the software the person has already tried, I was going to suggest it to as it has worked well for me in the past but have not tried it on windows 10. Apparently it is not working for him.

  It is never a good idea to download software from cnet as they are known for bundling software with PUPs (potentially unwanted program). If you want to use the windows password ultimate recovery tool download it from the creator of the software  or file hippo
Lazesoft's Recover My Password Home Edition Version 4.1.1 is known to work on windows 10 and it works well its also free. Heard positive comments about it.

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it can simply be that his OS is corrupted
so i suggest to run a repair :       REPAIR
then try the tool again - it has Always worked for me too
gromackAuthor Commented:
Is that anything like the old repair install that was available in XP?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Window 10 will keep the profile unless you do a repair that does not keep Data or Apps. That is like starting again with an new User Profile that you can set up. But all data is deleted, so you would need to back up the hard drive / SSD drive first.
Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorCommented:
Keep in mind, though, it won't reset your password.  If you can't remember the password, you're still stuck.

The only way the repair will reset the password is if you delete the whole thing.

If you do that, pull the hard drive, connect it to another computer and copy the data you need of off it.  Slap it back in there and do the full-blown Windows 10 reset.  Then, sit back and watch the circle spin for a really, really long time. :)
Shaun VermaakTechnical SpecialistCommented:
Resetting the password/connecting HDD and copying data from another computer both assume the drive is not encrypted.

Can you confirm whether Bitlocker etc. was used or not?
>>   Is that anything like the old repair install that was available in XP?  <<  yes   it's the same idea - but of course totally different
both OS have a discrepancy of 20 years….
gromackAuthor Commented:
Sorry to have ignored this, still waiting to get my hands on the laptop, should be sometime this evening.
gromackAuthor Commented:
That did the trick.
Tried to get the tool from volume licensing center & just seemed to be an endless links to anything but a place to DL it. Dunno if my account doesn't have access to that, or what.
Euan JanneryCommented:
You can add a new admin account or reset your forgotten password using this "utilman.exe" exploit:

Grab a copy of Windows installation DVD and execute the steps necessary to allow CMD prompts to be accessed via the login window where you can make a new account or change the password on an existing account. Note that password changes will only work for a local account, but you can still make a new account with this method if you're locked out of Microsoft account.
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