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Can anyone tell me what a landing page is really?

I assume, just a single page with limited info and a form to collect info?

Does emphasis needs to go into design? Can Wordpress be used, or hand code?

Any info would be appropriated
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Lakeram RamdhanWeb Manager

A landing page basically means the first page that your visitor sees when they visit your website. Any website technology can be used i.e. wordpress, drupal or even write your own custom index.html or index.php file.

The contents of the landing page can be anything you want. For example: Amazon's landing page is their storefront, landing page just has a big search bar since its a search engine.
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a landing page is the default page that someone gets when they go to your site. This can be anything you like
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Commented: explains this fairly well.

Think of a landing page as a single step conversion goal revolving around a clear/hard CTA (call to action).

Goal might be a sale or an opt-in or something else.

So Landing Pages are more single step marketing than multi-step marketing, which tends toward soft or no CTA.

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