how to upgrade firmware on HP blade chassies

how to upgrade firmware of the HP blade chassis C7000- onboard administrator, interconnect modules, blade servers?
Blade servers are BL460c Gen8.
Could you give me some links or step-by step procedures how to do this. I have never done this before.
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andyalderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
Well, you could have avoided all that typing just by pasting this URL...

It does apply to Gen8 as well as older blades of course, however the firmware ISO is no longer used so the service pack for ProLiant will be needed instead. Or you can just boot from a DVD in the SUV cable USB port.

I would do the OA first, if there is a redundant OA just do one of them (if there isn't a redundant OA don't forget your earplugs). You can do that through the OA web GUI. Reason being is that the OA has to recognise the blades before it will power them on whereas the blades don't care about what firmware the OA is running.

Don't know what interconnect modules you have.
dedriAuthor Commented:
so As I can understand the article is old because the firmware iso is not used anymore.
I want the firmware update of the blade servers to be done in a planned way, one by one.
So I am a little confused again. First I need to go to OA GUI and update the OA somehow with what?, SPP, custom file?
Do the firmware update of the OA requires blade servers to be powered off? Which menu in OA should I go for updating the OA?
andyalderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
OA firmware is at

firmware upload is in the GUI under Active OA. It does not need the blades to be powered off. It will get very loud while the OA is reset because although a C7000 runs fine without any OAs there's nothing to manage the fan speeds so they go on full blast.
dedriAuthor Commented:
thank you andyalder, Now it gets clear. I found the Firmware Update menu in Active OA.
Should I have to update the standby OA after I update the Active OA.
My Interconnect modules are HP VC Flex10/10D Module. Part number 638526. Current firmware version is 4.31.  Could you tell me what is the procedure for updating this modules.
Also for blade servers where should I found SPP. What is the procedures to udpate the firmware of the blades.
andyalderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
The active OA upgrades the standby OA automatically after it reboots itself, there should be a "synchronize firmware" button on the firmware update page.

VC modules are updated via the Virtual Connect Manager. Refer to to make sure your VC and OA firmware are compatible.

Getting hold of the SPP isn't so easy, HPE only let customers with warranty or service contract have it,  unless you are in Australia where the law makes them give it to anyone. Anti-competitive practice trying to put self-maintainers and third party maintenance companies out of business.

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