SSIS 2016 project failing. How to insert error trapping to find out why?

I was  creating another SSIS  project by copying to another project. The flat file source changed and the target SQL remained the same. I am getting this message"

[Flat File Source [2]] Error: Data conversion failed. The data conversion for column ""MyField"" returned status value 4 and status text "Text was truncated or one or more characters had no match in the target code page.".

and upon looking at the data I cannot see anything wrong. How do I put in an error trap that will give more detailed information?
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lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:
By the error"Text was truncated or one or more characters had no match in the target code page" my guess is that you have some UNICODE or maybe even UTF8 character in the source (flat file as you call it) that cannot be converted to SQL because there's no corespondent Code Page(language) on the SQL side. You can enable SSIS Logging for more details as described here:

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rwheeler23Author Commented:
I discovered that by setting all fields to DT_STR(8000) I could finally read the file. So whatever is creating this file is not the same as all the others as I was initially told. Looking at the csv in Notepad did not reveal any difference as all looked fine.
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