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Tips for good home music system

I am looking for a good music system for my room. I was thinking of what things it should have.. the only thing that comes to my mind are woofers.
Please suggest what other things should one look for when buying a good music system.
I saw one cool product sony amazon
Any suggestions for a good music system and any pros and cons of the above ?
Also i couldnt find out what is the year of manufacturing or model for the above speakers... as that should help in getting the latest one.
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8/22/2022 - Mon
David Johnson, CD

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David Favor

I'd go with David.

Determine your budget, the drop round Best Buy + take a few systems for a spin.

If you have a 5-6 figure budget, likely you'll already know where to go for super high end gear.

Read nothing into frequency response specs of the equipment. You may find that what looks good on paper and logically would sound good together may lead to a totally mismatched system. Find a vendor who can put all the elements together so you can listen to the parts operating together with your favourite music . Also do this when you are not sick, as some illnesses can affect your hearing and sound perception.

you are the only one that can decide - since the choice is personal - what you like, may not sound good to another person

so the above suggestions to go and listen to the different systems you choose, with your kind of music is good; you may well find that the difference between a cheap system, and a high end one does not sound to you as better; there's also an "ear education " involved, - the kind of sound you're used to like.
and of course, instead of using speakers, think also about earphones - they may reduce your budget a lot, and there are very good ones around at reasonable price
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