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Sharepoint configuration help

SharePoint site configuration.

Hello everyone.

I am after some clarification on how i am currently configuring sharepoint and to make sure i am doing it correctly. Happy to hear alternatives if im not.

We currently have around 70 staff and we are migrating all our network files to sharepoint 2016 on premise.

within the 70 staff, there are 5 different departments.

My current setup, all staff access the same site, and only 1 document library is configured, with folders for each department.

1) When does it come a point where each department would have there own document library?. or is it fine for all staff to use the 1.
2) Should each department be using subsites perhaps?.
3) if all 70 staff use the 1 document library, is there a way to customise the "links' and recycle bin.
    Currently if 1 staff member creates a link on the left hand side, all staff then see this link.

Microsoft SharePointNetworking

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