problem with Taiwanese characters in photoshop

Rajesh MohanaSundaram
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I need to create a banner in photoshop with Taiwanese characters. I've got the wordings in word document but when I copy paste it in the photoshop CC 2015, the words get jumbled and close and open brackets are coming in wrong place. Under type, language options, I've selected East Asia features. not sure what else needs to be done to copy and paste correctly from word. Font should be MingLiu

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Your preferences are all good. No need to change anything on that end, looking at what you tried.

Have you tried copying the text and changing the font?

Additionally, text will never be pasted exactly the way you need it. I suggest creating a text box and pasting directly in it, or potentially creating 3 text boxes, so that you can set their height/width and place your text the way you need it laid out on the banner.

You will see on the screenshot below, it just depends on the width/height of the text-box, and the placement is different.

Hope this helps.

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