Office 365 inactivity report, script, method?

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Hi Experts,

Is there any other way or method of gathering inactivity reports other than going to the Office 365 portal in reporting and exporting Office 365 active users?  How accurate/reliable is the data in this for last activity in exchange, skype, sharepoint, etc.?

I also ran this PS script, but this only give me the lastlogon time/date stamp of the mailbox:

My goal is to manage 30k users, and clean up licenses that are no longer needed by 90 days of inactivity.  This would include all aspects of the license:  mail/exchange, skype, sharepoint, access any of the online apps such as word, excel, powerpoint, etc.

Appreciate any direction anyone can point me in!
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The reports in the O365 admin portal/Graph are much more accurate than using the lastlogon date as reported by the script, Tony blogged about this here:

If you want to automate the process, simply fetch the reports via the Graph API instead of doing it manually from the portal. But in any case, you will probably be running this on a monthly cadence, so logging to the portal and downloading them manually should not be a big overhead.


Thanks Vasil!  Btw, just purchased O365 for IT Pros, fifth edition, very well done, lot of info to assimilate.

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