Outlook Out of Office conundrum / Can an OutOfOffice reply be skipped if inbound going to alias address

HI Experts,
Have a question that I'm trying  to see if there's another way. Can I modify or create a rule so that an Out Of Office message doesn't trigger on an incoming email of  an alias of a mailbox? On Prem Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2013 I believe is the environment.

But mailbox has primary of   EmailAddress@123.com,  also has a few alias emails associated with that mailbox. So can I configure that emails coming into EmailAddress@123.com get the OOO reply, but inbound to an alias email of that mailbox do not.

I was originally looking at the 'rules' but couldn't see a way to bypass the Outofoffice reply based on address 'To'...

Thanks in advance for any help,
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William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
I have Office 2013 and when I click Rules there is a "sent to" option in there. Make sure you have all the latest updates.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
I'm going to say no because when an email comes in for the alias address, Exchange resolves it to the primary SMTP address. The alias is just a reference or proxy address, so Exchange still resolves the address to the primary address regardless of the alias and when outlook receives the email, it receives it from Exchange based on the primary address and not the alias.

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You could have a rule that spells out you want to check for the alias being in the message headers.
SflahertyEEAuthor Commented:
OK thanks Experts,
Tim, that's what I was initially thinking but was looking for another opinion also.

Bill & Mas, thanks for the input. I had noticed those options & rules, but the key was even with those enabled/configured I was not able to see an option where you could not 'disable' the out of office based on the 'send to' address... but thanks for the input.

You basically have to use rules and a template to simulate an OOO notification, rather than use the actual OOO wizard.

As you've notified, the standard built in Out of Office only lets you specify against internal or external users. And it only cares about the fact the message reached your box, not HOW it did it (distro list, alias, etc).
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