I can traverse to a folder I cannot see and see its contents yet, if I traverse up one level I still can't see the actual folder

I can no longer see a folder under my share. It was there this morning and now it's not.  However, if I traverse the network for the folder it's there.  Locally if I go to E: and CD to top directory and do dir I don't see folder. I then cd to folder I can't see and then do dir I see the contents of the folder. Very, very, strange.  I ran sfc /scannow, rebooted, removed/added share/ntfs permissions and no change.
Mark OwensAsked:
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Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
First, see if the folder is hidden.  Right-click on it and select Properties, then check the Hidden checkbox at the bottom.

Also, you can check your effective rights to the parent folder, as well as the folder in question.  To do this, right-click on the folder and go to the Security tab, then click Advanced, and go to the Effective Permissions tab.  Enter your user name, and the effective permissions should be shown.

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Mark OwensAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I found the issue about 5 minutes after I posted it. The folder somehow from a copy had the system and hidden bits added. I attrib'd the file removed the flags and it came back.  Couldn't see past the "why is this happening" and after that couldn't find how to withdraw question.  Thanks again
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