Grammar checker - What is the best SAAS (online) grammar checker?

S Connelly
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I've been testing Ginger in free mode for a while and they keep bugging me to upgrade (~$59 per year), but I am wonder about alternatives. Rather, I am wonder what you folks consider as the best on-line grammar checker, and why?

I have used Grammarly in the past but I recall that it often missed obvious errors and sometimes made erroneous suggestions. But that was about three years ago. I also know that there are a few other grammar checkers available.

Two Two that I have used are:
- Ginger

Criteria for answering
- Please don't suggest that there is no substitute for understanding English grammar. I know this. But these tools are still great for finding errors when one makes the occasional mistake.
- Please don't suggest the free tools in Microsoft Office. I don't have access to Office.
- I am primarily editing in Google mail and the Google Apps.
- I am only concerned about English grammar checking.

I'll look forward to your comments and suggestions. :)
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I currently use Grammarly and I have find it mostly accurate. I can always ignore the suggestions based on my work. I write novels and certain aspects do not fit into correct grammar, such as people speaking. The suggestions help highlight the fact the grammar may not be optimal, but then I can make an informed decision. Often I don't change based on the suggestion, but re-word the sentence to state my meaning in a different way. This often results it a better sentence than the original and the suggestion.
Hope that helps.

Comment provides a method to use a service in a new way rather than sticking adherently to the rules of perfect grammar. Language is an evolving flow and no single product can get everything perfect and keep up with how language is currently being used.

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