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How do I format this output please:
printf('<td><a href="?page=%1$s">Page %1$s</a></td>&nbsp;&nbsp;', $i);

ie colour the fonts or add images in place of text
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Many ways, you can apply CSS to all table elements, all td elements, all anchor (a) elements.

Or you can assign an ID (likely best) + assign your CSS to an id.

You can also create a CSS class if the styling will apply to many elements.

To add color or styling, you'd use CSS styles. For example, to make it show white-on-black:

<a href="...." style="color:#fff; background-color:#000;">

To add images, you'd have to find the image and add it with an <img> tag.
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To color the links you'll need to apply CSS to the <a> elements. Depending on your full HTML, there are a few ways you can do this.

With the a selector (all links in your page):

    a { color: green; }
    a:hover { color: red; }

With a class selector:

    printf('<td><a class="pagination" href="?page=%1$s">Page %1$s</a></td>&nbsp;&nbsp;', $i);
    .pagination { color: green; }
    .pagination:hover { color: red; }

With an ID on a parent element, such as your table:

    <table id="pagination">
    #pagination a { color: green; }
    #pagination a:hover { color: red; }

Not entirely sure what you mean by adding images. If you want an image in place of the text, you can just wrap it in your <a> tag:

printf('<td><a href="?page=%1$s"><img src="someImage.jpg" title="Page %1$s"></a></td>', $i);

FYI - THere's no need for the &nbsp elements in your code - they're outside of the <td> so will have no effect.


Perfect - thanks all. I was trying to add the style in the <td> element instead of the <a tag


Thanks all

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