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Change Guest OS via CLI

Is there a way to change the Guest Operation System via CLI without damaging the VM?

I am getting this error:

The configured guest OS (Other (64-bit)) for this virtual machine does not match the guest that is currently running (Red Hat Linux 6 (64-bit).  You should specify the correct guest OS to allow for guest-specific optimizations ..

I selected other since I didn't know the OS format of the ISO image that I loaded and now I am getting the error after the VM is deployed with that ISO image and has some configuraiton.

When I try to go to edit settings under VM Options, General Options and Guest OS, it is greyed out and I can't select the other OS.  Do you know if there is a way to change this (through CLI perhaps) without having to re-image and recreate the VM again?
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You asked...

Is there a way to change the Guest Operation System via CLI without damaging the VM?


And, you'll do this by simply installing a new OS, which will obliterate all data associated with the previous OS.

So your VM settings will remain intact + all OS related will get nuked.

Unsure if this is really what you're after.
You can try to change it, but what actually gets changed is many things from what kind of hard drive is emulated to chipsets and even network cards... It is usually just easier to reinstall...
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Also, VM settings are... well... barely any settings at all...

If you get in a bind, just delete the VM + start over.

VM level settings can be duplicated in a few seconds... usually...
I believe the biggest change is scsi card emulation, or at least it used to be. Some OS's had native drivers for Buslogic, and some didn't...
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Thank you Andrew!  I knew you would have the answer!  

I didn't turn off the VM before editing. I"m all set.

Thank you!
No problems, glad to help out with your issues. Have a good day.