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Is there a way to get 5 web browser windows to open in set positions with set URLs?

I need to open 5 browser windows and position them on the screen so they don't overlap.  I'm envisioning them not having the full frame - don't want the tabs atlong the top, don't want the address bar, etc.  Just a thin frame around the windows (which will be video cameras from Nest).  Each has a unique URL

Anyone know of a script / powershell / something else that will allow that?  Click on it and it opens the windows, sized, placed correctly and in bare bones frames?

I can drop in the correct URL to a script.  The URLs would look like:  https://home.nest.com/camera/3cb550e7abbf4cf6ad794c97824c72e2

The machine would also be used for general surfing, so setting home pages isn't really the best answer (if that's even an answer)
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