Configuring HPE switch JL380A to route to internet

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Dear Experts,

I have a network that is connected to the internet

I have another network which I want to connect to the internet

I have a HP Jl380A switch.

Port 8 is already connected to the network using a static IP so that I can manage the switch. This IP is of vlan1.

I created a vlan20 for included and untagged at Port1 @ IP

Do i need to configure another port using a seperate vlan so that vlan20 can go internet?

Or use port8 which is already connected to the internet?
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IT Systems Manager
The switch itself won't handle internet connection. You need to route the traffic to your router (which I'm guessing will be on port 8 from the info above).

Depending on your router you may be able to create VLANs on it and tag the VLAN on port 8 for VLAN20 (or if the router has multiple NIC's change one of those ports so it acts as a gateway for the 125.0/27 network and connect to a spare port on the switch untagged on VLAN20).
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage
The edge would handle the VLAN packet routing.

Depending on need, a WAN alias IP could be set up on the edge that's dedicated to the VLAN 20 subnet to allow for services publishing into that subnet.

We would trunk the port the edge is connected to that would allow packet flow from VLAN 20. On the edge side we would set up the VLAN 20 subnet gateway IP address and any necessary routing rules to the Internet or production network VLAN.

We do the above using SonicWALL with most, if not all, enterprise grade edge devices being able to do the same.
Anonymous KHIT Engineer



The switch is a layer 3 which can do the routing and I can create clans.

But I don't remember creating two same vlans as both are using different IPs and subnets.

Which is why a routing needs to be done so that users of the private network can access the internet via the vlans

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