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What are the command can be used during debug windows memory dump to identify list of port and associated application. In normal windows we may use netstat -anob, but how to get to be execute in memory dump
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That is not part of an offline (post-mortem) memory dump, and can only be checked live.
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it depends on what type of memory dump you wan to see. for a general overview, please see below official guide for the options.
Al faR&D, ITOps Mgr

I'm affraid you may have limited  choices to work around, such as:
 - sniffing the box's traffic using wireshark while filtering it for sent and received syn flags in tcp traffic
- use some utility like nirsoft cports to log connection status changes to a file.
- issuing debug prints in your app and  capture it via Windows debugging facilities, dbgview and windbg

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