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I use QuickBook 2016 and store data on server, i always backup my company file with QuickBook backup utility and it work just fine. And my concern is want to know that is it also work 100% if i manually copy or zip whole company folder to external HDD and copy back to anywhere and connect QuickBook to that company folder? (If you can detail me also about PeachTree would be very appreciated).

Thanks in advance.
Sok DymangDeveloperAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
if I manually copy or zip whole company folder to external HDD and copy back to anywhere and connect QuickBooks to that company folder?

Yes. You can do that. QB is a database, so you must remember to use it locally (not over a remote connection). And you must remember to copy the changed database back to its normal location. Otherwise your changes on the external HDD may be lost. Work very carefully.

I do not use Peach Tree.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Make sure all users are logged out of quickBooks when backing it up / copying.
Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
Both great suggestions. I would not recommend working on QB offline, as you suggest, as the chance of messing it up is simply too great.  Having said that, if you are very careful, that should work just fine.  Having all users out of QuickBooks ensures that the files are closed, and a simple backup works for you.  However, I would recommend using the backup feature, which not only shrinks the data a bit, but it also includes other related files.

Do you know that you can schedule the QB backup from within QB itself?  I actually set up 5 different QB automated backup jobs, one for each day of the week, with a different folder as a target.  I then have QB maintain three copies in each folder, which gives me three weeks of backup files locally on my server.  I then have another process via a file copy utility (Beyond Compare, from Scooter Software) that runs nightly to copy the backups to an external NAS device, which then provides off-server copies.  I finally replicate the data weekly from the NAS to a USB hard disk, which is taken off-site.  This gives me on-server, off-server, and off-site backups, on three different media.

Note that QB also supports a VSS backup -- so you can use a tool like VSCSC to generate a VSS snapshot at any time of the day, mount the VSS volume, and copy the data off of the server -- all while users are in the system!  This can be helpful if you want to get a mid-day backup, too.

Sage PeachTree (Sage50), on the other hand, uses PSQL as a database.  Many of the same rules apply -- if all users are out of the system, then the PeachTree files are closed, and a simple file copy is sufficient.  I'm not sure if Sage has a built-in backup function or not, but if they do, you can try using that -- again, have nobody in the system for best results.

While the PSQL Server Engine also contains both a free VSS Writer and a free license for the PSQL Backup Agent, I believe that Sage provides only a Workgroup Engine install and license, which includes neither.  You therefore have only three options:
1) You can get all users out and copy files, as explained above.
2) You can purchase a license for the Backup Agent v3 software (for use with PSQLv11), though these are very hard to find right now.  If Sage eventually upgrades to PSQLv12 or PSQL v13, then the Backup Agent is readily available still.
3) You can leverage "continuous operations mode" to grab backups while users are active in the system.  The Backup Agent makes this easy, but even without it, the PSQL engine still supports this capability -- you just need to handle it manually.  See the white paper on Backups at http://www.goldstarsoftware.com/whitepapers-troubleshooting.asp for explanations on how it works and how to implement it.  If Sage doesn't provide the command-line BUTIL tool in their limited installation, then you can copy it over from another system with a full PSQLv11 Client installed.

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I do that all the time.  I rarely have users get out, they are working in it and it backs up fine.  I would like to have users out, but that just never happens.

That being said, use your favorite VSS backup utility.  I use GSCopy Pro, I think it's free or maybee 30 bucks.  I also use NovaBackup, they have a free version and a 50 dollar one I think.

It's a good Idea to restore them every once in a while to test it out.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
If  your backup solution uses VSS the users do not have to be logged out.  If not, though it will back up you may find a restore has corruption.  Seem to me even the Quickbooks back up closes all windows of even the person running the back up.
yes, the QBB is the best option,.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
We use both but copying the QB data folder to an external HDD is a good option as well. We copy the QB folder to do rebuilds and QBB does not work for that.
sorry, I meant the extension of the backup  Company.QBB
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
QBB is the QB backup routine and it works, just not for all uses. So we also copy folders (no QBB extension in the latter case)
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