needing question and answer template to be used in the creation of a resume

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Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

          I am getting ready to help a friend construct a resume which brings me to the point of this upcoming question.  Could someone suggest a link or links which have suggested question and answer templates which could be plugged into the structure of the final resume creation?  

          Thank you

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Hi George,

There's tons of templates on the web to download and try in order to find one that suits you. Here's some suggestions for you.

The above is just from a 2 minute search. Enter a search term into your favorite search engine such as: "Resume Templates" to get a whole host of places you can take a look at.

I hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew


Thank you both for your feedback to my question.   While I certainly found all of the suggestions helpful,  I would like to add or extend upon the feedback by suggesting the resume templates within MS Word 2013.  Basically, I was able to help my friend put together a professional resume by using one of many of their templates which already had the core structure of the resume plugged in.  While the undoing or redoing of the special formatting of the resume was a bit tricky at times, it was still worth the time and effort figuring out.

Thanks again everyone for your help :-)


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