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We are a K-12 school district use SSL inspection on our firewall (fortigate) to see search keywords. Users primarily use Chrome browser. We also have a lot of Chromebooks.

I first noticed that when going to the Chromebooks no longer allowed the firewall cert to be inserted, only the usual * Go to other websites and the firewall cert is inserted. I thought this might be a new Chromebook issue.

Now I see it also on desktop Chrome browser. It is also not inserting the firewall cert at but only the wildcard * cert. If I go to on the Chrome browser the firewall cert is inserted. Anyone else experiencing this issue or know what I should do.

This is tremendously frustrating because we must be able to log key search words for safety and security reasons.
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Kyle Santos
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The solution is to block Google QUIC UDP 443. Since QUIC uses UDP, the firewall is not able to do SSL inspection since it can only inspect TCP. By disabling QUIC, the browser automatically switches over to TCP, allowing the firewall to see the traffic, insert its own cert and allow the traffic to be seen.

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