Is the default gateway always the last line in the routing table of Redhat Linux 6 x86

I have multiple NICs on my Redhat 6 x86_64 server and as part of my script I have to determine which NIC is the default gateway on each server since there are lots of static routes over the other NICS. I always see the default gateway as the last line in the routing table but is that logic flawed and I just run net stat -rn | tail -1 | awk '{print $8}' but I'm not sure if that logic is up to par and I'm going to have to tally it up with what's in /etc/sysconfig/network as the gateway.
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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
The default gateway is the one with address with netmask
And your milage in the order may vary..., netstat in my system show it as the first route....

ip route show  | grep default
or use:
ip route get  
(in stead of you could use ANY public address.

The ip route get will get ANY route used for the address provided....
ip route get help give more info.

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lolaferrariAuthor Commented:
Fabulous answer! That was an enormous help.
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