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We have windows server 2008R2. Is there any way that the server sends an email with login details (IP address, location,...etc) when someone login locally or remotely to the server? Or is there any application can do that if this is not doable in server features?

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It's a way with a script something like this

Here's something similar...
And not, is not doable using server features

And it should be configured on the Active Directory GPO object in the Login/Login scripts feature


$IP =(Test-Connection -ComputerName $computer -Count 1  | Select -ExpandProperty IPV4Address | select -ExpandProperty IPAddressToString)

if ($userName -eq $null) { 
#Function to query the remote computer 
Function queryComputer($computer) { 
    $restartReg = $false 
    ping -n 1 $computer | out-null 
    if ($? -eq $false) { 
        echo "Computer not online. Quitting" 

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Sending an email whenever someone logs in will require some heave scripting. You can; however, use the Get-EventLog cmdlet to return  all login and logoff events for the server. Here is a guide on how to do this:
How to check event logs with PowerShell

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