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Get List of PC and Change Name PowerShell script

hello, i want Powershell script that give me list of all the computers in AD with the option of select one of them by number and after it i can change the computer name that i selected.

Get-ADComputer -Filter * -Property * | Select-Object CN
1. WS1
2. WS2
3. WS3
4. WS4
Select a PC: 2

Write-Host "Please enter your new computer name: "
$newname = Read-Host
## netdom renamecomputer $oldname /newname:$newname /userd:* /passwordd:* /usero:* /passwordo:* /reboot:10 /force
Rename-Computer -ComputerName "$oldname" -NewName "$newname" -DomainCredential amal-p\admin -Force -PassThru -Restart
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