Designing a C++ server

I want to create a server(OS: CentOS) which will be acting as an interface to an Android app(client) and the database.

I am not much experienced in programming and I just want a little bit of guidance right now to get started.
I have decided that I want to program the server in C++(though it's not an easy language but I believe there's much more to learn while programming in C++)

The basic functionality I want from my server:
1. It will interact with the app via https.
2. The server and client(app) will communicate via REST APIs.

I want guidance in terms of the most stable and well documented external C++ libraries that I should use to program the above server(I've looked at zmq, libcurl, netlib-cpp but due to my lack of experience I don't even know if these are really related to my problem statement). Thanks in advance. Please feel free to attach any blog/article/video which might be relevant.
Vishal SharmaAsked:
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Mihai BarbosTrying to tame bits. They're nasty.Commented:
One word: boost
Vishal SharmaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mihai. l'll definitely check out boost. If it's possible for you can you also tell me how zmq, libcurl and netlib-cpp are/are not relevant to my problem statement.
Mihai BarbosTrying to tame bits. They're nasty.Commented:
1. zmq: I suppose you're referring to ZeroMQ. That's a very powerful library but I don't think it's related to your problem for the moment. It is used in servers with message-based architectures, but I don't think that's what you want right now.
2. libcurl: it's a client library. You want a server.
3. netlib-cpp: yes, it might be useful but it's an extension to boost.

Have a look at boost first. It contains many examples and it's quite well documented (sometimes). Then, maybe, you can also use netlib-cpp.

What database do you plan to use ?

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Vishal SharmaAuthor Commented:
I am planning on using Cassandra as I've used it before.
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