Need the command to run o exchange 2013 to allow one user access to another users many mailboxes

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I have a user that needs to have access to another users many email addresses that she has.
So I need the command to run on the exchange 2013 server that I can give user A access to users Bs many email addresses so that she can see them?
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You can run the below cmdlet in the Exchange Management shell, and set the permissions. After about 30 minutes or so, user B mailbox will show up in User A outlook profile and can have access to the mail.

Add-MailboxPermission -Identity "user B" -User "user A" -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType all
Here is an article that shows the complete procedure: How to grant full access permissions to all users’ mailboxes using PowerShell
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Ok so this command will give user A full access to all of users Bs email addresses but how could I run the command if I only want user A to have access to just a couple of the mailboxes and not all of them?
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this will give access to only one mailbox, so if use b has multiple mailboxes, just use the user name or email address of her b that you want user A to access.
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Another thing you can do is list all the emailaddress you want User A to have access to in a .csv file and run the command that way as well.
1. Create a folder named Temp on your c;drive    
2. Create your list with a header of emailaddresses  name it Emailaddresses.csv   and it should be in C:\temp  
Example of the .csv file

command below

Import-csv 'c:\temp\emailaddresses.csv' | %{Add-MailboxPermission $_.EmailAddresses -User 'emailaddressofUserA' -AccessRights FullAccess}

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