MS Access forms bound to SQL Server tables accessed over ADO ?

Bernard Thouin
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Is it possible to replace:
  • an Access form bound to a linked table residing in SQL Server, i.e. using implicitly DAO
  • by an Access form bound to a table using an ADO connection
without having to write a lot of VBA code for:
  • loading the data in the form fields
  • updating fields of existing rows
  • Inserting new rows
  • deleting existing rows

I have only:
  • a large experience in using linked tables and ADO in Access
  • experience in using VB.Net with corresponding forms and datasets and datatables

Thanks for help
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You can use the Recordset method of a form:

Dim rst As New ADODB.Recordset
rst.Open "SELECT * FROM SomeTable", YourConnection

Me.Recordset = rst

You'd also need to set a few other properties, like adUseClient, in order to edit. See this article:
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Thanks Scott, that solves my problems :)

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