Wordpress Website Website Upload Excel File To My Shop

I have a WP theme.  I need to upload xls to the theme. Can you help me?  The website is www.essmen.com
Miss TechieTech BloggerAsked:
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Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
Not clear exactly what you're after. Your site looks like a shop, so I'm guessing you want to import your products from an Excel file into your WebPage - is that correct?

What plugin are you using for your shop ? That may dictate what and how you import your products
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
I do not have a plugin for my shop.  This is my first shop.  I was thinking about the easiest shop to use.  I had the Aliplugin but I cannot get the API key from Alibaba.  What plugin do you suggest for my shop?
Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
If you're looking for an easy to use shop plugin for your WordPress site, then I'd suggest you take a look at WooCommerce.
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Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
I am allowed to upload XLS files to WooCommerce?
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
Which Plugin will allow me to upload to WooCommerce?
Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
Out of the box, you can import CSV files into WooCommerce (CSV are more flexible than Excel, but you can easily save an Excel file as a CSV File). You'll need to ensure your file is formatted correctly, and then you can follow the instructions found here - https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/product-csv-importer-exporter/

If you have more advanced requirements, then there are several other plugins (some free / some paid for) that may give you extra functionality. It will all depend on your needs.

You'll also want to look for a theme that has support for WooCommerce (or you can develop your own, but I'm guessing that's not on the cards at the moment).
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
So you are saying that the theme that I have does not support WooCommerce!
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
OMG.  I have the Aliplugin.  I cannot get the API Key from Alibaba.  So, is there another way to get the API Key or skip this process when using the Aliplugin?
Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
OK. It looks like you're wanting to setup an AliExpress Affiliate site, and not a WooCommerce shop. The difference looks to be how items are sold. With WooCommerce, you sell products to your customer. With AliExpress it looks like you just refer customers to the AliExpress website and get paid commisions. I'm only guessing at this from having a quick look.

If you want to use the AliPlugin, then you'll probably need the API key, which I'm guessing you get from your AliExpress account screen.

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Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
I have a WooCommerce theme. Please note this theme https://themeforest.net/item/turan-multipurpose-woocommerce-wordpress-theme/21086670 to tell me if I can make it into an affiliate website.  I am sorry I am asking a million questions but, I am setting up this type of website for the first time.  

I was told that I could use a WooCommerce theme to fill with affiliate products.  

Let me know.  Thank you so much!
Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
OK. Having the theme is only one part of the process. You need to have a theme that has all the styling and functionality for a shop, such as WooCommerce. Then you need to get your products into your WordPress installation.

For a normal shop, you just add (or import) the products you want to sell (name / description / price / images etc.) and you configure a payment gateway (how your customers will pay), and some shipping rules.

An affiliate store is slightly different. Looking at the Aliplugin that you mentioned, I think the idea is that you install the plugin and that is responsible for adding the products to your store. You don't need to worry about shipping or payments because the products are never actually sold by you - your site simply refers people to the AliExpress website. To use it though, you will need the API key.
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
Chris went above and beyond to answer my questions. Thank you so much.
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