Using Python to search & replace identified Excel cell values.

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I have a working python script that scrapes tables. After the data is copied to an Excel file I would like to remove this particular value - '--' from all sheets in the Excel file and replaced with a zero value - '0'.
Whats the best way to do this using python?

import urllib.request
import pandas as pd
import sys
import os
#import xlsxwriter
import openpyxl

sys.path.append('/Users/bhav\ 1/Documents/keepbak2/python')

#xlfile = 'countrydiedtest.xlsx'
xlfile = "/Users/bhav 1/Documents/dump/countrydiedtest.xlsx"

from html_table_parser import HTMLTableParser

Income = ''
Balance = ''
Cash = ''
Historical = ''

#get website config Income
reqIncome = urllib.request.Request(url=Income)
fIncome = urllib.request.urlopen(reqIncome)
xhtmlIncome ='utf-8')

#get website config Cash
reqCash = urllib.request.Request(url=Cash)
fCash = urllib.request.urlopen(reqCash)
xhtmlCash ='utf-8')

#get website config Balance
reqBalance = urllib.request.Request(url=Balance)
fBalance = urllib.request.urlopen(reqBalance)
xhtmlBalance ='utf-8')

#get website config Historical
reqHistorical = urllib.request.Request(url=Historical)
fHistorical = urllib.request.urlopen(reqHistorical)
xhtmlHistorical ='utf-8')

#instantiate he parser and feed it
p1 = HTMLTableParser()

#instantiate he parser and feed it
p2 = HTMLTableParser()

#instantiate he parser and feed it
p3 = HTMLTableParser()

#instantiate he parser and feed it
p4 = HTMLTableParser()

Table_ListIncome = p1.tables
Table_ListCash = p2.tables
Table_ListBalance = p3.tables
Table_ListHistorical = p4.tables

# Use the Pandas from_dict method to read the tables into
# a Pandas data frame

df1 = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(Table_ListIncome[0])

#ddash = "--"
#zero = "0"

#df1.replace(--, 0)

df2 = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(Table_ListCash[0])
df3 = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(Table_ListBalance[0])
df4 = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(Table_ListHistorical[0])

# Create a Pandas Excel writer using XlsxWriter as the engine.
xf = pd.ExcelWriter(xlfile, engine='xlsxwriter')
#Convert the dataframe to an XlsxWriter Excel object.
df1.to_excel(xf, sheet_name='Income')
df2.to_excel(xf, sheet_name='Cash')
df3.to_excel(xf, sheet_name='Balance')
df4.to_excel(xf, sheet_name='Historical ')

#dash = "--"
#df2.replace(dash, "0")
#df1.replace(dash, "0")
#df3.replace(dash, "0")

#Drop First Coloum
#df1.drop(df1.columns[[0]], axis=1, inplace=True)

# Close the Pandas Excel writer and output the Excel file.

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NorieAnalyst Assistant

Does this work?
df1 = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(Table_ListIncome[0])

df1.replace(to_replace="--", value="0")

df2 = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(Table_ListCash[0])

df2.replace(to_replace="--", value="0")

df3 = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(Table_ListBalance[0])

df3.replace(to_replace="--", value="0")

df4 = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(Table_ListHistorical[0])

df4.replace(to_replace="--", value="0")

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Excel & VBA Expert
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In DataFram.replace() Method, there is a parameter called inplace which is set to False by default so the original DataFrame will remain intact i.e. replace will not take place in the original DataFrame and replace will work for visual purpose only.
If you want to make a permanent replace in the DataFrame, you will have to set the inplace parameter to True like below...

df1.replace(to_replace="--", value=0, inplace = True)

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Do this for all the DataFrames and then this change will be reflected in the Excel Sheets also.


Thanks, simple and effective.
Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)Excel & VBA Expert
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Awarded 2015


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