OpenVPN low traffic speed.. How to speed up VPN?

I have a Visual FoxPro program running. it uses a local cursor engine.
To use the program from home, people use a VPN solution (openVPN)

Using this, we have poor performance.
We use lines with a 200mbit down and 50 mbit upload speed.  (vendor = Telenet Belgium)

The database has a traffic of 100mbyte totally  during a complete session, so it should fly.
However: on a 100Mbit network it works realtime. response times are very low.

Using openVPN, response times are like minutes.
The internet connection is real fast. So OpenVPN is what slows us down.

I put send and receive buffers to 0 in both server and ws config file. This fastenes the systyem up, but far..  far from enough.

There must be other settings to speed openVPN traffic up. But what can I do?
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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
This is not an issue with bandwidth or OpenVPN but with the whole "pipe".

Remember, FoxPro is a file-based, client side DB solution (like MS Access). File operations are built with very small network packets, and those are heavily delayed when using WANs. VPN even makes it worse, in particular when compression is used; VPNs add more delays and overhead.

You can do some changes to get a small improvement, but you'll never be able to get it working in an acceptable way.

The only way to get such DB-based application perform well is by running it locally (in the LAN the file is located in), and using Remote Access (TeamViewer, RDP, ...) to get to machine running the app.

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I have been supporting a vfp app for years and qlemo is right, it's the latency that's killing you.  We used to get delayed write fail errors on a local lan if latency went about 5ms for whatever reason.  Best solution is to run a terminal server that all remote users an access to run the app then the only thing oming over the ire is screen redraw.
engeltjeAuthor Commented:
Sounds logical.  This is a complex foxpro app running for quite a few years. Terminal server could do the trick, is there some open source solution in TS ? This could work, only printing is a problem using TS I guess.
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
There is no "open source", because any usage of a Windows Client OS in a simultanous multi-user way is an EULA violation. And on a server OS, the licenses need to be included. so nothing free of charge here.

If each of the people has an own, non-mobile machine in the LAN, it is easy; just let them RDP into their machine.
If not, but only one user at a time needs access, you can set up a single W7 or W10 machine, make sure every user has a client license (CAL) for that machine, and then let them use RDP.
engeltjeAuthor Commented:
Found a solution in RDP services under linux.
Linus can run VFP programs like a charm using wine.
Now, users do a RDP and work this way. They can't print from home but that is a minor disadvantage.

Tnx for helping me out.
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