Getting the SMTP Email Address of exchange cc recipient

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Hi all.

I'm trying to get the email address of my cc recipients but when I use the following code what I get is the display name that is in my address book and not the actual email address (in the MsgBox(String.Format("CC:{0}", item.CC)) line of code). Any idea how I can get this? Thank you in advance.

 Dim OL As Outlook.Application = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

Dim mi As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.MailItem

 For Each mi In OL.ActiveExplorer.Selection()
Dim item As Outlook.MailItem = CType(OL.CreateItemFromTemplate("c:\temp\test.msg", Type.Missing), Outlook.MailItem)
MsgBox(String.Format("Subject:{0}", item.Subject))
MsgBox(String.Format("SenderName:{0}", item.SenderName))
 MsgBox(String.Format("CC:{0}", item.CC))
  MsgBox(String.Format("Text Body:{0}", item.Body))

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Hi printmedia,

Use the code below to get CC mail Ids. You would want to format it a bit as I have included name + email address in a single string.
You could return a list of string as well by modifying ccString += (recipient.Name & " = " & accessor.GetProperty(PR_SMTP_ADDRESS))

Function GetCCString(mail As Outlook.MailItem)
        Dim ccString As String = String.Empty

        Const PR_SMTP_ADDRESS As String = ""

        Dim recipients As Outlook.Recipients
        Dim recipient As Outlook.Recipient
        Dim accessor As Outlook.PropertyAccessor

        recipients = mail.Recipients
        For Each recipient In recipients
            accessor = recipient.PropertyAccessor
            If (mail.CC.Contains(recipient.Name)) Then
                ccString += (recipient.Name & " = " & accessor.GetProperty(PR_SMTP_ADDRESS))
            End If


        Return ccString
    End Function

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That did it. Thank you!

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